Justice Now

Disappointment and frustration are two words that describe my feelings toward a ruling issued by a federal judge that California’s death penalty is unconstitutional. He stated that the lengthy and unpredictable delays of the death penalty violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. While the judge is correct that the existing delays are too long, his ruling to strike the law down is the wrong approach. Read more

OP-Ed: There’s Going to be a Jailbreak

Protecting your family and neighborhood should be our government’s most basic responsibility. Yet the Governor’s public safety realignment law continues to undermine his obligation to help keep our communities safe from crime. Almost every week, a new press report highlights a crime committed by an offender released early because of “realignment.” While this word may mean nothing to most Californians, everyone should be concerned. Read more

Story triggers claims of mistruth regarding San Bernardino Co. lawsuits

A story by The Sun’s Joe Nelson detailing settlements by San Bernardino County in a variety of wrongful death and employee misconduct cases did not sit right with a group of Colonies Four supporters.  In the story entitled, “San Bernardino County has paid nearly $63M to settle lawsuits since 2008,” Nelson writes about those cases that settled in the past seven years but does not mention the $102 million settlement with Colonies that has resulted in the indictment of Colonies Partner Jeff Burum, former assistant assessor Jim Erwin, former Fourth Supervisorial District chief of staff Mark Kirk, and former chairman of the Board of Supervisors Paul Biane. Read more

An interview with Dan Harp

Dan Harp is one of two candidates for the office of San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk.  He agreed to an interview and I sent him several questions.

Among those questions were:   Can you tell us what the functions are of San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk?  Why is it an elected rather than appointed office? Read more

SBCo. district attorney candidate funded by friends of corruption figure

After years of scandal that includes the arrests of many high-ranking officials and the businessmen that support them, San Bernardino County is known as “California’s Most Corrupt County.”  If one corruption figure’s friends have their way, it won’t lose its moniker anytime soon.  They are helping to fund a campaign to kick the current District Attorney to the curb and replace him with a district attorney more to their liking. Read more

New revelations in the Colonies private investigator scandal

As the prosecution of the Colonies Four, Colonies partner Jeff Burum, former San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor Paul Biane, former Board of Supervisors Chief of Staff Mark Kirk, and former Board of Supervisors Chief of Staff Jim Erwin, winds its way through the criminal justice system, news twists are becoming more frequent.  Yesterday, an email was made public showing that the firm hired by the defense contracted out with a firm in Alabama to hack the cell phone of the prosecution’s star witness, Bill Postmus. Read more